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Liposuction Surgery

Every person is different, we must try to fit into standard shapes and sizes in clothing.
Dressing may be very frustrating when lumps, bumps, and bulges of undesired fat are added into the mix.
Many people are considering liposuction.
Who wouldn’t want their body to be reshaped and contoured in a matter of hours?
However, it’s crucial that any cosmetic operation you decide to have is appropriate for you.
To find out who makes the ideal candidate for liposuction, continue reading.

Because of its effectiveness and safety, liposuction is considered the “gold standard” for reducing body fat by the majority of plastic surgeons.
Due to improvements in their shape, the majority of patients express great satisfaction with their liposuction results.
The best liposuction candidates know what the procedure can and cannot achieve, though.
Did you know that people only lose 2 to 5 pounds on average as a result of liposuction?
Although it is not a weight loss procedure and has no effect on muscle repair, skin laxity, cellulite, or stretch marks, it can make you appear more proportionate.

Our bodies have fat cells that store fat that can be used as energy.
We have all of the fat cells we will ever have by the time we reach puberty.
Based on lifestyle, age, hormones, and heredity, they either contract or enlarge.
As we become older, it’s totally normal for our body composition to vary over time.
The ideal liposuction patients, however, are committed to leading a healthy lifestyle that includes food and exercise.
According to studies, the places that grow when someone gains weight after liposuction are typically elsewhere. However, some enlargement at the treatment site is still possible because not all of the fat is eliminated here.
Visceral fat, or “bad” fat, which collects around organs, can also increase in the abdominal region.
After body contouring, it is recommended to maintain (or even decrease a little!) weight.

Patient safety is always our top priority during any liposuction surgery.
Non-smokers who are in generally good health become the ideal candidates for liposuction.
Patients must be open and truthful about their behaviors and general health.
To make sure there are no medical conditions that would prohibit a safe surgery, we thoroughly evaluate your medical history.
Smoking increases the risk of infection and can obstruct the correct blood flow for wound healing.
We advise that you stop smoking fully before having any elective surgery if you are a smoker.
Additionally, patients must strictly adhere to our pre- and postoperative recommendations.
They were created by our exceptionally skilled group of plastic surgeons to assist patients in getting the greatest results and reducing potential post-liposuction problems.

An incredibly rewarding operation is liposuction.
Patients frequently discuss how much of a difference it may make to feel more at ease in their own skin.
Contact this Tampa Florida plastic surgeon to schedule your consultation in our Tampa office if it sounds like liposuction might be the correct operation for you.

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