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Breast Reduction Surgery in Tampa Florida

Breast reduction or mammoplasty is a procedure performed for women who have symptoms from the weight of the breasts, or who have breasts that are out of proportion with their body. The excessive weight and change in balance can lead to painful neck and back problems, deep grooves from bra straps over the shoulder, and skin problems under the breasts. Study after study has shown that by reducing the size of the breasts, the symptoms caused by the weight will improve.

Breast Reduction
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How is the surgery performed?

General anesthesia is used for the procedure. An incision is made in one of 3 places:
The technique used to reduce and lift the chest depends on the shape and size of the breasts, as well as the size desired. Your surgeon will discuss your options with you to determine which option is best for you. Dr. Ruas uses a “Short-Scar” technique when appropriate to minimize the length of scars on the breast and to help maintain the chest shape.

Will I be able to breast feed after the surgery?

Many women are able to breast feed after surgery, however there is a risk that you may not be able to breast feed or that you will not produce a normal amount of milk.

The actual “full” recovery period from a mammoplasty is at least a year and this involves a gradual softening and settling of the tissues to its natural position. A significant amount of the recovery occurs within 2-3 months but it will take the external scar a year to soften/mature and the internal tissues undergo similar softening. Immediately following surgery especially following vertical type mammoplasty, the breast will have a very protuberant appearance with a very rounded upper pole. Over the course of a year, this appearance will soften and the upper pole of the chest will develop a more natural slope with the mound assuming a more natural appearance as well. Other long term potential complications are related to each patient’s own tissues and the loss of elasticity in those tissues. The amount of sagging which can occur in these tissues is mostly dependent on that particular patient’s genetic makeup.

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